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Mark Jowett

Content Team Lead

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We’re so happy Mark has joined our content team. He brings with him a B.A. in Broadcasting and Communication (from the University of Plymouth in the UK), and has produced content and organized marketing for all kinds of companies (mostly media-related) for over 10 years. This work included a lot of reading scripts and writing strange blog posts about zombie films.

With all of this experience, we just had to get him on the Velocity23 team!

He’s a big film nerd, and Mark did photography for quite a few years, just as a hobby. He has also been doing animation in his spare time, used to be a webcomic cartoonist and is the second-best MarioKart player in his house!


  • Editing 95% 95%
  • Research 90% 90%
  • Copywriting 100% 100%
  • Content Management 89% 89%
  • Throwing Blades 93% 93%


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