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Use this handy character count tool to make sure you’re fully optimizing your meta title and meta description for the search engines. Enter in the optional search phrase to see your keywords highlighted in the snippet below.
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This is an example of how your Title Tag will appear in search results
This is your page description. The font and size of the description has not changed in the latest redesign. Descriptions get cut off after roughly 160 characters

How To Write Meta Titles & Descriptions That Get Clicks!

Your meta title and description serves two purposes.

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Enticing the searcher to click

You need to naturally include your main keyword in the title near the beginning of the sentence. You then want to include your keyword or a variation of it in the description. Also you can search for your keyword in the search engines and pick out the bolded words in the descriptions of the search results and the search suggestions at the bottom of the page. Doing this will help show the search engines that your page is relevant to the search.

Another part of getting rankings is, the amount of clicks that your results get. Here’s how to do that.

Your title is a headline (like in an ad or newspaper). Your description is like a sub headline. The majority of people creating web pages and blog posts don’t realize that. Knowing this will put you way ahead of your competition.

As you can see the meta title and description in the example are much different than what you normally see in search results. They are written like an ad to make the content go viral and it likely will because of the style. If you aren’t a skilled copywriter it is highly recommended that you get a working knowledge of copywriting. The Copywriter’s Handbook by Robert W. Bly is a great place to start. Hopefully, you find this meta title & description optimizing tool and this short tutorial helpful. If you do please share it with your network.

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