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Done-With-You Content Marketing

For marketing teams with a lot on their plate, our Done-With-You Content Marketing program is the best way to make sure you are consistently publishing new content that is going to drive results. Sometimes you have competing priorities and you don’t have time to write a new blog post or prepare an email campaign. With our DWY Content Marketing program, you’ll always have content ready to publish right when you need it. And with our decade of experience in real estate content marketing, you can count on us to deliver.

Phase 1: Planning and strategy

1 month

What to expect:

  • NKick-off meeting
  • NBrand voice strategy
  • NBuyer persona strategy
  • NHome buyer journey content strategy
  • NPremium content lead generation offer
  • NPop-up lead capture form on your website


Phase 2: Launch


What to expect:

  • N1 Blog article
  • N1 Email broadcast
  • N4 Social sharing posts
  • N1 Targeted pop-up lead capture form
  • N1 Premium content lead generation offer


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What other costs should I expect?

Popup software

We use ConvertBox, a powerful on-site engagement platform to present your premium content offer and capture leads. A lifetime account is $495.

Workflow automation software

Using an automation tool called Make, we can visually create, build, and automate the workflows you need to generate leads on autopilot. $16-20 per month.

Email software

To Deliver your premium content and nurture your leads, we recommend HubSpot Starter CRM Suite. $40-65 per month.

Optional Add-Ons

Done-For-You Social Media

Want to have all your monthly social media updates prepared for you and ready to publish? We got you covered.

Additional Blog Posts

Have as many SEO-optimized blog articles written for you each month as you need. Just copy, paste, publish, and you’re done.

Additional email broadcasts

Stay front of mind with your leads by sending additional emails every month. We write them, you push send.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in Done-With-You Content Marketing?

Our Done-With-You Content Marketing program is the perfect complement for busy marketing teams that are pulled in multiple directions and have competing priorities. Content marketing works best when it’s consistent. Our team does the heavy lifting for you, producing all of the content you need each month so it’s ready to go. When it’s time to publish a new blog post or send an email campaign, just copy/paste/publish and you’re done. 

How good is your content?

Our content is exceptional. We’ve been creating content for real estate for over a decade and have written more than 1,000 blog posts and hundreds of email campaigns.

Do you reuse the same content for each customer?

No. All of the content we create for you is 100% unique and plagiarism-free. We guarantee it.

How many revisions are included?

None. We don’t do revisions on our Done-With-You Content Marketing program and that’s how we keep the costs low. But you don’t have to worry, we’ve written thousands of pieces of content and with our Brand Voice Strategy, we will nail your copy the first time. If you feel the copy isn’t quite right, then we encourage you to edit it and make it perfect. Then send us a copy of the final version so we can use your edits to refine our writing for you.

What does Velocity23 do?

Velocity23 is a growth agency that helps home builders scale up their lead generation so they can close more sales. Our Growth Engine Framework and marketing philosophy helps you deliver more sales-ready leads to Sales so you can focus on growing your organization.

What types of businesses does Velocity23 work with?

Velocity23 works with real estate companies. We’ve worked with custom home builders, production builders, multi-family developers, land developers, real estate brokerages, mortgage brokerages and even title companies. Our specialty is the new home construction niche.

Is there a business that should not work with Velocity23?

If you’re looking for instant results, short-term band-aid fixes to bigger problems, or if you have very little marketing budget to work with, we are not a good fit. If you are looking for cheap hired labour, we are not a good fit. And in most cases, we’re not a good fit for individual Realtors.

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