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Growth Engine Framework™

Our flagship service, the Growth Engine Framework is perfect for home builders that want to generate and nurture more leads and convert them to closed sales. Picture it like a lead factory that nurtures your prospects until they’re ready to buy. One that isn’t affected by seasonality or market conditions so it works perfectly in both tough markets and thriving markets. To date, clients using the Growth Engine Framework have generated 99,150+ home buyer leads and 7,880+ home sales totalling over $2.76 Billion in revenue. 

How fast do you want to go?

All plans get you a completed framework; it just depends on how fast you need to get there. The faster the plan, the more of the framework we build out each month.

Framework complete in

18-24 Months

Best for companies with limited marketing budgets or that want to develop their framework slowly. Companies in this stage are usually preparing for growth and making sure they have the foundation in place in which to scale up.


~$84,000 Expected Total
+$7,000 Commitment Fee

Framework complete in

12 Months (or Less)

Best for companies that are actively marketing and are looking for more consistent results. Companies in this stage usually have a small marketing team and are ready to increase their lead flow to the sales team. 


~$84,000 Expected Total
+$7,000 Commitment Fee

Framework complete in

6 Months (or Less)

Best for companies that are hungry for growth and ready to scale. Companies in this stage are making big moves and want to drastically increase sales and market share in the next 12 months or less.


~$84,000 Expected Total
+$7,000 Commitment Fee

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What other costs should I expect?

Advanced Marketing Automation

Our Growth Engine Framework requires the advanced marketing automation only available in HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional. $800+ per month.

AI Email Delivery Optimization

We use an AI-powered email delivery optimization tool to send emails at the precise best time for each individual on your list. $80 per month.

Data Reporting Dashboards

Modern marketing is data-driven. This robust reporting dashboard let’s you see what’s happening and make better decisions. $100 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in a Growth Engine Framework™?

Simply put, the Growth Engine Framework™ is the most reliable lead generation and lead nurture system available to home builders. It’s not affected by seasonality, market conditions, or economics. There are always people in various stages of the home-buying journey and the Growth Engine Framework™ does a great job of drawing buyers in and staying front of mind with them. It helps you provide value, establish trust, and position your company as the go-to builder in your market.

How does the Growth Engine Framework™ work?

There are 19 key decisions every home buyer makes during their home-buying journey. Each decision moves them closer to buying a new home or a resale home. The Growth Engine Framework™ keeps the prospect on the path towards buying new. New prospects enter the system by submitting a form to download a lead magnet. The system then determines what kind of buyer they are and what stage of the buyer’s journey they’re in. Then it sends a weekly email suggesting an educational article that gives the prospect the exact information they need to make their next decision and keep them moving forward. This helps you, the builder, continually provide value and stay front of mind with your prospects in a way that gets noticed.

Will the Growth Engine Framework™ work for any builder?

Absolutely. We’ve implemented the Growth Engine Framework™ for builders that do as little as 24 homes a year to more than 700+ homes a year. Every time we’ve implemented it, we’ve exceeded our client’s expectations and they’ve sold more homes than they projected. As long as you have the inventory and construction teams available to handle more sales, the Growth Engine Framework™ will work for you, too.

What are the requirements needed to implement a Growth Engine Framework™?

There are very few. First of all, the website platform you are using doesn’t matter. We can implement it with any website. So you don’t need to build a brand-new website to use it. Second, it’s a done-for-you system, so your team doesn’t need to do anything other than review the content we’re creating and approve it for publishing. Third, there are software requirements as noted above. You must have HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional. Our system is built using their advanced workflow tool and we can’t build one without it. We’re HubSpot partners and will help your team acquire a license and do the software setup. The last requirement is time. You determine how fast you want to build your Growth Engine Framework™. The sooner it’s done, the sooner you’ll be acquiring new leads and selling more homes.

What does Velocity23 do?

Velocity23 is a growth agency that helps home builders scale up their lead generation so they can close more sales. Our Growth Engine Framework and marketing philosophy helps you deliver more sales-ready leads to Sales so you can focus on growing your organization.

What types of businesses does Velocity23 work with?

Velocity23 works with real estate companies. We’ve worked with custom home builders, production builders, multi-family developers, land developers, real estate brokerages, mortgage brokerages and even title companies. Our specialty is the new home construction niche.

Is there a business that should not work with Velocity23?

If you’re looking for instant results, short-term band-aid fixes to bigger problems, or if you have very little marketing budget to work with, we are not a good fit. If you are looking for cheap hired labour, we are not a good fit. And in most cases, we’re not a good fit for individual Realtors.

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