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Paid Lead Generation

For home builders who want to generate qualified leads for their OSCs or sales team, our Paid Lead Generation program delivers. It’s great for companies that want fast results. Our proven method delivers targeted leads at the lowest Cost Per Lead. And it’s 100% exclusive. We only work with one builder in each market so you gain a true competitive advantage.

Best for builders who want to

Increase Lead Flow & Sales

What to expect:

  • NDozens more leads each month
  • NProven Facebook Ads strategy*
  • NIn-house ad campaign management
  • NLeads go into your CRM
  • NWorld-class Account Managers
  • NWeekly reporting
  • NGuaranteed results
  • NExclusivity - only one builder per market


*Advertising spend is separate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in Paid Lead Generation?

One of the biggest challenges for home builders that want to grow is not having enough leads. Increasing your lead flow helps funnel more prospects to your Online Sales Counsellors or your Sales team. The more leads you have to work with, the more prospects you can convert to customers and grow your sales.

What does 'exclusive' mean?

It means we will only work with one home builder in each market. For example, if you build in Austin and you invest in Paid Lead Generation, we will not work with another builder in Austin. So you get exclusivity and a unique advantage in that market.

What if we do business in more than one market?

Our fee is per market. If you want to have exclusivity in more than one market then the fee applies to each market you want to have exclusivity in.

How are the leads targeted?

The leads we generate are locally focused and have expressed interest in purchasing a new home. They have opted in to receive marketing from you so once they are added to your CRM or database, you can continue to market to them as long as you have their permission.

What does Velocity23 do?

Velocity23 is a growth agency that helps home builders scale up their lead generation so they can close more sales. Our Growth Engine Framework and marketing philosophy helps you deliver more sales-ready leads to Sales so you can focus on growing your organization.

What types of businesses does Velocity23 work with?

Velocity23 works with real estate companies. We’ve worked with custom home builders, production builders, multi-family developers, land developers, real estate brokerages, mortgage brokerages and even title companies. Our specialty is the new home construction niche.

Is there a business that should not work with Velocity23?

If you’re looking for instant results, short-term band-aid fixes to bigger problems, or if you have very little marketing budget to work with, we are not a good fit. If you are looking for cheap hired labour, we are not a good fit. And in most cases, we’re not a good fit for individual Realtors.

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